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Full Stack Developer

We believe in a DevOps culture, in strong communication and supporting what we develop; we do not toss product updates over the fence. You understand the impact degraded services or outages have on our customers, as well as what it means to make a secure service. Within the team, you will be an agent to define, implement and advise on operations, compliance and security. You will be helping the team not only solve customer problems, but to also create a resilient service that can self-recover, with alerting and monitoring of key indicators to the system health and performance. You will coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the application. Therefore, a commitment to collaborative problem solving, elegant and extensible design, and quality product is imperative. You believe in fail fast, detect fast, fix fast and deploy fast.


• Writing well-documented, high performance, scalable, secure, reliable and maintainable code.

• Create proposals for technical solutions, team processes and procedures, and driving them through to adoption and implementation.

• Solving business problems in a cloud native microservices architecture.

• Implementing distributed monitoring, logging and analytics.

• Using TDD and writing test automation to validate code.

• Coaching other developers with regards to code quality, security, maintainability and solution architecture.

• On-call rotation with the other team members.

Education and Experience Required:

• Bachelors or Masters in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or equivalent.

• Experience developing enterprise grade software.

Knowledge and Skills:

• First class analytical, diagnostic and problem solving skills.

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills with an ability to collaborate with UX designers, developers, product owners and other team members.

• Passion to work in an exciting environment and deliver new technologies and products to the marketplace.

• Ability to learn quickly.

• Solid experience with using and creating RESTful APIs.

• Practical knowledge of API security and modern authorization mechanisms, such as OAuth 2.0 and JSON Web Tokens. • Experience with Node.js and/or Go and/or Python.

• Experience with Git.

• Experience with SaaS operations.

• A knack for bench-marking and optimization.

• Please advise in your application whether you are eligible to work in Canada.

Bonus Points:

• Experience developing cloud-native applications using the 12 factor methodology.

• Experience with using/developing microservices and operating/supporting them in production.

• Experience with event driven architectures.

• Experience with containers and container orchestration tools (i.e. Kubernetes and Docker).

• Experience using Azure cloud services.

• Experience with CQRS and Event Sourcing.

• Experience in utilizing Cloud Design Patterns such as Circuit Breaker.

• Experience in defining infrastructure as code using Terraform, Ansible, or Chef.

• Experience with Agile development approaches such as Scrum.

• Experience with or knowledge of IT technologies such as LDAP, Active Directory, IP networking, DNS, or virtualization of networks or workstations.


• Secure products. You understand the importance of a secure SDLC and that this is not an afterthought once all the features are developed.

• Automate everything. You actively automate many manual tasks as possible so that these tasks can be repeated many times and allow us to scale.

• Self-managed teams. You hold yourself accountable for the full end-to-end lifecycle of what you are working on, from ensuring you are building something that will deliver customer value to getting it into customers' hands.

• Customer collaboration. You want feedback from customers to ensure your work is providing value and to enable you to iterate on that work.

• Tech-debt reduction. Software can live longer that you expect; therefore, you need to ensure it stays healthy and manage your technical debt accordingly.

• Collective ownership. You value contribution, wherever it comes from, and believe in peer review, continuous integration, test coverage and customer validation. 


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